Greetings from the Celtic Iris Gardens and Nursery
in Charlottesville, VA
  Lavender and Lace is a new indoor shop for all our healthy, relaxing, natural products. Located in the gardens behind 1310 Lester Drive, the entrance is on Galloway through the gate. Lavender is our main herb with many more such as comfrey, roses, lemon balm oils, lotions, soaps, herbal cushions, vinegars, etc. are found here and created by the owner. Call (434) 293-7547. Am. Spotted Eagle' tobacco is sold here too. They specialize in hand-raised Native organic natural tobacco. No pesticides, additives, nor fillers, or by-products. This is a clean, full tobacco smoke.  

Fancy baskets, decorated containers can be chosen from to hold your gifts.


Natural bath products, sleep pillows with herbs, handmade soaps, dream blends, and allergy eye pillows are often custom-made.


Inside Lavender and Lace, Tulsi Pevi embraces fragrances of lavender, roses, and other herbs.


Lacy sachets, natural perfumes, lavender sprigs, ribbons galore decorate the shelves.


Peacocks and Lavender (products) is a new addition to our Iris Garden and bouquet business.  We grow several types of lavender, as well as other herbs and spices.

Lavender is world-famous as a natural relaxation herb.  Its gentle color has even become popular as peoples’ favorite.  Bath and skin care combinations are also great when carrying lavender scents.  Teas and edibles are tasty when hints of lavender are included.  Peacocks and Lavender creates handmade, Charlottesville grown items in packages with roses, rosemary and more soft leisurely scents.

Canines and kitties have their distinct playful luxury packages too.  Handmade, cookie cutter, healthy dog treats are baked in Morrisons’ kitchen.  Cheesy biscuits for dogs are baked there too.  Play toys for cats and dogs are stashed away in basket or bags.  Fresh catnip is a euphoric herb for felines and human entertainment. Toy and giggles are also prepared for our precious kittens.  Call (434) 293-7547 to inquire.

She is also a Reiki Master and is passing on wonderful Reiki energy treatments for those in need.

With more than 130 varieties of cultivars, Celtic Iris Gardens and Nursery is the largest iris, walk-through garden in Charlottesville.  Gift Certificates are available.  We encourage gardeners and artists to walk through and enjoy our inspirational flowers in bloom.

Iris was the Greek Goddess, Messenger of Hope who traveled on a rainbow.  Today, the Iris flower has as many shades of colors as does a rainbow.

Each Spring at the Celtic Iris

     Bonnie an assistant among some irises
 Gardens we watch with joy as a brilliant celebration of colors and new life usher in the gardening season.  This spring our irises presented clients, new friends, as well as artists, with two months’ explosions of glorious sweetsmells, playful colors, and stylish bearing.  Many of our Tall-bearded varieties are Dykes Medal winners. The results of Iris hybridizers continue to surprise and reward Iris collectors from year-to-year.  Showy “Tiger Shark” is topped with tan standards and hints of red; her falls are tan and yellow; maroon stripes, yellow beards.  DM winner “Celebration Song" is a remarkable two-tone TB with apricot pink standards, blue lavender falls and tangerine beards.  “Feature Attraction” is graced with lacey, exquisite frills of cool lavender-violet shades; her sturdy stems produce 8-9 buds.

Our Historic Iris selection continues to expand.  “Zeus,” “Gracchus” reminiscent of orchids etched in white, yellow, and veins of violet, “Mme. Chereau” (Lemon 1844) one of the oldest plicatas still grown are a few examples in our Antique Irises.

How wonderful that iris are Deer Resistant!  This magnificent flower of Royalty, symbolic of the Fleur de lit, is now America’s favorite.  Celtic Iris has plants for sun or shade, or bogs. Species Iris, and Reblooming iris.  Check out our Space Agers, Ensatas (Japanese), and Siberians.

Rebloomers are becoming the popular iris of the future.  These require a bit more attention through the summer and are incredibly rewarding with Fall bloom after Spring. 

While we are a small nursery, we are an outdoor florist too.  Mid-week and especially Fri., Sat., part of Sunday, we have a side-gate entrance on Galloway Dr.  Folks can buy our herbs and flowers.  Clients can often choose some of their own arrangements.  Some specialty creations are presented in baskets; a few are sold in vases, others in sleeves.  We do not deliver flower gifts.

Celtic Gardens is redefining the “Art of the Garden.”   If tulips are your muse, we have them in Spring.  This is a garden of mysteries, surprises, and varied garden art at each bend in its curves.  Faeries have been hard at work through the night painting castles for the next day.  Owls watch over lilies’ growth before dawn.  We have glorious lilies! Midst many colorful posies and beautiful blooms, our customers find rare heirloom, and unusual gems of plants. Ms. Morrison, owner of the garden, is an experienced artist and Extieriorer Decorater.

Exotic spaces carry a Tropical flair.  Each year we search for new and unusual tall specimens to plant in our jungle space.  Birds and Blooms alike are welcome in Celtic Gardens and Nursery.  The Greek God Morpheus has influenced many a wonderful dream after wandering through the spaces. Nannette helps others through their desire to create a space rich in their character. Morrison's talent as a landscape artist can often be viewed in the many Art Shows she participates in.

We are members of the American Iris Society, the British Iris Society, and specialty groups of these.  Please call before your visit: (434) 293-7547 if you are traveling from out of town.  We love meeting new friends.  Please do not bring pets or strollers.  A wide array of photos and our catalogue are available to order from after bloom season. No credit cards accepted.

" These are Gardens of Castles, Kings,

Faeries with Wings,

Lots of Pretty Flowery Things.”


Various candles Rosewater
and fancy bottles

Candles make wonderful gifts for anyone.  “Peacocks and Lavender” candles keep Wellness Relaxation purposes in mind, along with decoration.  Candles can light up a room or lend a romantic, soft glowing aura to a setting.

As with the fragrances of essential oils, those scents in a candle are being extensively used for well-being, which is one of the main keys to health, Candle fire and smoke can be helpful in clearing one’s aura.  Some psychotherapists use a particular blend of oils because of their scents, in a session with a patient.  That same combination or individual scent can be used at home to further their treatment.  The same can be said of candle fragrances.

To see “Peacock n Lavender’s” candle selection or to have one made just for you give us a call at (434) 293-7547  Candle-makers can truly be creative with original ideas!

  Thanks for your support.
  Peacocks and Lavender
Herbal Gift Products
Locally raised/made
  Free Shipping on orders total $30 - or more.  
  My wish is that these products and seeds feed the growth of your happiness and natural God – given medicine.  It may also seed the growth of your self = sufficiency in personal maintenance, in food, as well as gardening.

Peacocks and Lavender’ is an  – evolving garden.  Mother Nature is also a
Nannette reading a prod
 changing Being.  Consequently, our list of Herbal Gifts will be frequently growing, Our soaps and candles are becoming more popular all the time.

Natural Skin Cleaners:

Lavender with Chamomile skin cleanser 4oz. for $19

Skin Conditioners:

Rosewater Splash is often used for many things; it makes a wonderful facial toner.  Rosewater is gentle on sensitive skin.  8oz. bottle is $18.  Our decorative, attractive containers of Rosewater are $28.  The delicate scent of English roses is soothing to spray on bed linens and can be used as your body spray.

Lavender Mist Spray  is a similar item to that of Rosewater.  Essential Oils are often used for enhancing fragrances.  Several varieties of Lavender are grown and used here at ‘Pand L’ including ‘Yelllow L.’ which blooms in Spring. 4oz bottles are $17.  We love collecting unusual bottles for clients preferences.  Some are painted by Nannette and these are priced a few dollars more.

Peacock boxes, Soaps Dream Pillows, Lavender Lotion
Bath Herbs:  “Lavender Lift and Let Go” is a linen – like pouch of dried herbs, about 3oz. $15.  A second container comes with it for 2 more dollars.

Bath Salts 4oz.: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Patchowi; enough for 4 - 5 baths in linen - like pouch.  These herbs are tranquil, relaxing, great for the skin. $17

Medicinal Herb Blends:  Russian Leaf Comfrey oil infusion made fresh, locally with olive oil.  2oz. For $18.  Speeds healing noticeably.  Aids broken bones, bruises, ligaments.  Relieves psoriasis, rashes, acne and boils.

Calendula Creme: 2 oz. $9. Can be applied to cuts, grazes, rashes, Speeds up skin repair and more. The herb in detoxification.

Skin Care/Softeners:

Nightime Skin Repair Oil – 2oz. $19
Combination  of Comfrey oil, Vit. E “Repair" oil.  Creates a natural smooth healing effect.

Comefy scented Cushions Reblooming Iris, Soaps,
and Eye Covers

Roses and Sandalwood – 8oz. $25
Memories of Victorian times waft from these fragrances.  This body lotion leaves your skin silky, very touchable!

Roses and Velvet – 6 fl. Oz. $24 – Luscious body lotion, another original creation by “Peacock ‘n Lavender.”  Velvet is of French origins, quite elegant.

Lavender Mist (Body lotion) – 8oz. $22 – Lots of Vit. E, aloe, healing herbs in all our lotions.  This one is made from our own grown and dried Lavender, plus essential oils.  Lavender is wonderfully soothing.

Scented Comfey Cushions:
Made for warm, relaxing times when you claim space and peace.  Cushions vary in fragrance and size 9” x 9” to 13” x 10”. Colors are usually lavender, blues with peacock feather prints or Royal Purple $10 to $19. USA products; you choose the scent. (Lavender, Rose, Rosemary) Filled with light wt. quilt batting and fresh herbs.

Eye masks are 8“ long, made similarly to cushions $13.  You choose scent from any mentioned here.

Men’s Products

Lavender Skies aftershave lotion is a manly astringent to soothe and tighten a just shaved face. 4oz. $11.  Contains witch hazel, lavender, and pure essential oils.

Lavender Skies soap made for caressing your skin.  4oz. shell shaped bar $4.

Comfey scented Cushions Reblooming
Iris Soaps and Eye Covers
‘Peacock and Lavender’ will put together for your Gift Packages of 3 to 5 items.  Discounts are significant on these Collections.  Gift Cards are available and can be mailed.

Dream Pillows: These are made with nothing synthetic and leave you with delightful dreams.  Nightmares are often whisked away by the use of Restful Sleep blends.  Smokers’ patch can evoke horrible nightmares, but often disappear when using a Dream Pillow.  ‘Peacocks and Lavender’ now sew these by hand.

Pleasant Dreams is sewn in various shapes (hearts, butterflies).  Roses, lavender buds, and other spices are inside $19.

European Sleep Pillow is inside a small bag for placing inside a child’s pillow.  Formula is centuries old to aid children drift off to sleep (good for adults too) $19.

Homemade Soaps:

Rose soap usually prepared in oval shapes with roses on the top 3oz. $4.  No detergents included; shea butter and others for soft skin.  3.5oz. – 4oz. 8 sided bars are $4
Potpouri, Rosemary Sprigs,
Eye Pads, Soaps

Lavender soap prepared with “lavender” on top or shapes of sprigs 3oz. are $4.

Lavender Skies is $4 for about 4oz., shell shaped, lavender to pale blue colors.

Face Cream:

Rose Age –defying Crème colored light cinnamon because of its Rose Hip Powder, 2oz. $26.  This remarkable daily, moisturizer has Vit. E, Coconut oil, all to help skin heal and regenerate.

Odds and Ends:

Lavender Mist Spray – 4oz. $17 is similar to the Rosewater Splash Spray.  It’s such a calming, relaxing fragrance.

Romantic Bath Soak is a blend of Epsom salts or Borox, many herbs such as roses, catnip, shave grass, basil and more stored in a plastic bag, A muslin bag is enclosed to be used several times. Several ounces are $23. Complete directions come with package,


Beaches Soap: - Made for men and women, usually in a seashell shape. Either blue or green, no detergents, for a soft soap of one to three butters $5.

Beaches Body Lotion: 8 oz. lotion of cool air from the beach, a hint of lavender, with blue spices luring you to dive into the sea. $13.

Beaches Bath Gel: 8 oz. for women too $19. Fragrance is similar to that above and can be used as a hair shampoo. It's clear blue/green color reminds you of the sea.

Amethyst and Lavender:

Amethyst and Lavender Body lotion: (approx. 6oz.) $24 - This creamy moisturizer carries you away to a dreamy world of pleasure. Another "P and L" original; not for your face.

 Amethyst and Lavender soap: (4 oz.) $5 - Made of shea butter with amorous fragrances. Lilac/raspberry in color topped top in a venetian glass design. This gift is too precious to use," some people think.

Amethyst and Lavender bath gel: (approx 8oz.) $19 - Soothes with Vit. E and Calendula; lavender's calming qualities carries you with a smile through day or night.

Pet Products:

*Canines and Kitties: We value the health and treatment of pets as much as humans.  Our animal products are made in the U.S.A., primarily by hand.  “Peacock and Lavender’ currently features pet treat bags’ for cats and dogs.

*Doggie Bags – are contained in various types of baskets or bags, functional for other purposes.  Two tennis balls, six large cookies (plain oatmeal, carob-flavored or peanut butter-flavored), bone shaped treat with cheese/bacon, some with “Puppy cushion: stuffed with mint/lavender. $31-Dogs crave personal belongings and comfort too-lots of good smells!

*Kitty Bags – are in containers similar to dogs’ packages.  Cat nip with easy instructions and pie ces in a kit for a toy are inside.  Tennis balls/toy with a bell included to play with.  Nannette is baking 2 new treat recipes which your pet may try. $29 for this collection.

  Peacocks and Lavender’ wishes that customers will pick up items from us directly, especially in our area. Some items may be shipped.

Free Shipping on orders totaling $40 or more.
Order Value Add
Up to $25 $6.95
$25.01 - $39.99 $8.95

(434) 293-7547